episode #44 with mastermind Sandra Stromberger

Sandra Stromberger is convinced of the idea of Open Innovation. In episode #44 of the Vordenker Podcast, she talks to Helen Bielawa about her experiences of successfully managing the Open Innovation process and building and maintaining a vibrant network.

What does it take to successfully manage an open innovation process? Sandra Stromberger started the "Industry Meets Makers" format in Vienna more than eight years ago. Makers and industrial companies meet and work together on future technologies. In the podcast, Sandra talks about how difficult it was at the beginning to gain a foothold in both scenes and to get both industry and makers excited about the concept. In the meantime, she has built up a large and colorful network with makers, corporations, medium-sized companies, startups and researchers. This has already resulted in numerous successful innovations.

Sandra Stromberger is convinced by the idea of open innovation: How do you establish and manage such a diverse network? And which formats work particularly well - or particularly poorly? You can find the answers in the Vordenker Podcast.

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