INNOVATION TREND BOOK Groundbreaking Developments and Ideas for Sustainable Cities and Regions

Bielefeld is Germany's first Open Innovation City: the Innovation Trend Book therefore presents the pioneering developments that cities and regions are facing, the innovations with which Bielefeld is already responding to these challenges, and which inspiring solutions also exist in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and the world.

Rapid technological change, the turn to renewable energies, changing consumer behaviour or new mobility: cities and regions are facing profound changes that shape our entire coexistance. They face the challenge of finding innovative answers to the big questions of our time and actively shaping their own upheaval. In this context, the Open Innovation City project shows that innovative ideas are present everywhere in a society and that all areas of a city, i.e. politics and administration, business and associations, education and research, as well as civil society, can develop their future together.

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The Trend Book was designed by FUTURE + YOU GmbH Co KG.

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