Learning Report The final report on the implementation of Open Innovation City in the pilot city of Bielefeld

The Learning Report reviews the key findings and results of the Open Innovation City project in the pilot city of Bielefeld. After 4.5 years of project duration, approaches, measures, formats and procedures have emerged that can be applied to other cities.

"Bielefeld becomes the first Open Innovation City!"

This was the headline in the newspapers in mid-2019, shortly after the state of NRW officially approved this innovative initiative. The exploratory project on open innovation at city level will now end in December 2023.

The Learning Report presents the most important results and findings of the pilot city of Bielefeld so that other cities and regions can be informed and inspired.

The main aim of the four project partners at the time was to improve the networking of urban society in order to use this potential to work together in open formats on the major challenges of our time - for future-oriented cities. The initial aim of Open Innovation City was therefore to create tools and formats to enable this previously unusual, cross-city exchange.

Supported by the Trend Book Innovation the topics were quickly put on the agenda:

  • How do we create an open economy that exchanges ideas on new technologies and innovations quickly and effectively?
  • How do we become a smart city?
  • How do we manage the mobility transition?
  • How do we become a sustainable, green city and
  • how do we shape the care of the future in Bielefeld?

Big, pressing issues that were perfect for testing the open innovation tools at city level.

However, the topics could only be advanced with committed people. Fortunately, Open Innovation City was very well received in Bielefeld and a large number of people took part in the various formats in very different ways.

This Learning Report comprehensively reviews the case study on the pilot city of Bielefeld.

In addition, the series "Open Innovation at City Level" provides cities with five core publications that describe the central aspects of an Open Innovation City: Governance, Ecosystem, Participation, Partnerships and Culture (to the compendium of project studies).

We wish you an inspiring read!

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