What is Open Innovation City

Cities face similar challenges as the economy. They, too, have to in-novate in the face of technological change, the challenges of sustain-ability, or the competition for the most creative minds. Innovative ideas can arise anywhere in the city, which is why an Open Innovation City in-volves the entire urban society: politics and administration, education and research, business and associations, as well as citizens and civil society. They can all participate in shaping the future-proofness of the city. An Open Innovation City creates new framework conditions and networks for this – within the city but also with strong sources of innovation outside the city limits. Therefore, an Open Innovation City is a progressive city that answers future-relevant questions with the involvement of the urban society, builds strategic access to external innovation potentials, and lives an open innovation culture. It benefits from a more networked use of its innovation potential, a more intensive transfer of knowledge to the city, and a strengthening of its attractiveness Bielefeld has always been open to innovation and has helped shape Germany's economic progress.

This began in the mid-19th century with the cloth trade and extends to today's Industry 4.0. Based on this, for example, a strong medium-sized economy and an interdisciplinary scientific landscape have developed. Global competition and techno-logi cal developments do not stop at the independent city with its al most 340,000 inhabitants. To ensure that Bielefeld can continue to produce innovative products, future-oriented research, pioneering social models, and talented minds, all parts of society, must work to-gether to implement the idea of progress. This is where Open Innovation City comes in: In addition to the development of interactive formats for regional networking, the planned measures of the scientifically based project also include a digital platform for the involvement of the city's society in the development of forward-looking solutions, as well as in-novation partnerships with cities and regions in the world, which will permanently increase Bielefeld's innovation potential in the long term. The activities are managed by the Innovation Office in the heart of the city. A tangible culture of innovation orientation is to emanate from here, which will also promote the development and migration of talent and expertise to the city.


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