Building the Bridge 

to Bielefeld’s Open Innovation.

Open Innovation City is a completely new initiative. All areas of a city work together to shape its future: Politics and administration, industry and start-ups, education and research, art and culture as well as citizen engagement – open, transparent and collaborative. Open Innovation City is based on the assumption that innovations can come about not only in the economy, but everywhere and through all areas of a company. When innovative ideas and motivated stakeholders come together, it is possible to do things that would never usually happen in a city. Bielefeld wants to be a pioneer as the first Open Innovation City.

With a future-oriented culture of openness, international innovation and exchange formats – that’s how Bielefield will become a dynamic city of innovation!

Bielefeld I/O: 
Building up your Ideas

'Canvas can do it'

Sei auch dieses Jahr bei der Bielefeld I/O dabei und lass dich inspirieren!

Erneut möchten wir mit der Bielefeld I/O spannende Einblicke in aktuelle Themen rund um Technologie und digitale Produktentwicklung bieten.
Dieses Jahr haben wir uns anlässlich der aktuellen Entwicklungen ein ganz besonderes Programm überlegt.

Zusammen mit den Partnern u+i interact, comspace, Founders Foundation und Pioneers Club lassen wir die Bielefeld I/O nicht nur an einem,
sondern gleich an fünf Tagen und somit über eine ganze Woche (25. - 29.Mai) in virtueller Form stattfinden.
Fünf Organisationen unter dem Dach der Bielefeld I/O, fünd spannende Event - an jedem Tag eines.

Bei uns dreht es sich am 27.05. von 13.00 - 16.00 Uhr alles um das Thema 'Canvas building' und 'Open Innovation'.

Alle Infos zu unserem Event findet ihr hier:

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The Innovation Office will be the launching pad for innovative initiatives in the city of Bielefeld. Here, future-oriented ideas are developed and tested out – practical and uncomplicated.

partner cities

Bielefeld is building up international partnerships with cities and regions. With these partnerships, we create joint networks to design sustainable cities and strengthen innovation forces for the long term.


The digital platform for networking, sharing and participating in open innovation projects in Bielefeld.

events & workshops

Information on all events and interactive formats concerning the topic of Open Innovation.


The first podcast on the subject of Open Innovation City will be launched in 2020!


At the heart of an Open Innovation City are innovative, forward-thinking people with a desire to get things moving. Develop the future with us!