Innovations are not only generated in individual companies or departments, because good ideas exist everywhere in society. That's why an Open Innovation City involves the entire urban society: politics and administration, education and research, business and associations, as well as citizens and civil society as a whole; in other words, all major sectors of urban society can participate in shaping the city. Open Innovation City creates new framework conditions and networks for this - within the city, but also with strong sources of innovation outside the city limits. An Open Innovation City is a city that drives progress, answers future-relevant questions with the involvement of the urban society, builds strategic access to external innovation potentials and lives an open innovation culture.


„Open innovation is the topic of our time. The great challenges of the future can only be solved if we all work together.“

Prof. Dr. Ingo Ballschmieter, Scientific Director Open Innovation City


A detailed insight into the topic of Open Innovation City is also available in our project publication.


Best Practice 2021

The jury of the 'stadtimpulse' initiative has recognized this project as an outstanding contribution to the revitalization and attractiveness of our cities and towns. It is the first nationwide, certified project pool for downtown, retail and urban life.

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