What is Open Innovation?

In times of intensive technological change, rapidly changing customer requirements, and economic activity based on extensive information, companies are increasingly unable to rely solely on their own creative potential to develop and successfully market innovative products and services. Instead, they are dependent on knowledge, technologies, and ideas from outside the company. As a result, the traditional, inward-looking model for developing innova-tions is changing comprehensively. Instead, a new, open innovation process is needed that promotes networking and cooperation with thecorporate environment and thus strengthens innovative power: "open innovation". In business, this principle, which goes back to the U.S. scientist Henry W. Chesbrough1, is already being successfully applied today by numerous companies to achieve the best possible results for various economic challenges or problems.

Prof. Dr. Henry Chesbrough


With an open mindset and the effective use of digital technologies, we have the opportunity to write a new chapter with Open Innovation Cities.


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