Open innovation in urban society: How can cities promote an open innovation culture?

How can an urban society comprehensively tackle the major challenges of the future? What paths are there for the broadest possible innovation orientation among all stakeholders? How can an open culture of innovation be prepared and promoted? The recently published Open Innovation City study on the topic of "Culture" provides answers to these questions.

Urban planning and projects are often exposed to heterogeneous interests. An open culture of innovation seems to be important here: with a permanent establishment within society and between stakeholders such as authorities, companies, initiatives, etc.

"An urban society must constantly deal with important urban issues. Learning from other cities is essential here and helps to create an individual open innovation culture," says Prof. Dr. Melanie Eikenbusch, co-author and part of the scientific team at Open Innovation City. As can already be seen in concrete case studies from cities such as Berlin, Mannheim and Barcelona with an open innovation culture, this development has a lot to do with networking and participation. The study summarizes what else is important in seven recommendations for action.

Click here for more information and to download the entire study (german).

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