🎙episode #49 with mastermind Dr. Benjamin Seibel

Helen Bielawa talks to Benjamin Seibel about CityLAB Berlin as an interface between administration and citizens and the question: How can the city become suitable for grandchildren?


Dr. Benjamin Seibel is head of CityLAB Berlin, a public innovation laboratory in the former Tempelhof Airport. For four and a half years, he and his team from the Technology Foundation Berlin have been creating a place where administration and society can work together on Berlin's digital future.

Two points are particularly important to Seibel and these are the subject of the podcast:

  • All groups in urban society should be involved. To achieve this, it is not enough to be open to input, you have to go to the people. A converted shipping container is now helping him to do this...
  • A new digital tool alone is not enough, structures and processes need to change for real change and stakeholder management tasks are key!

Find out why innovation really needs to start low-threshold and easily accessible, why Samrt City has a lot to do with our grandchildren and why open innovation has absolutely no disadvantages in the new podcast episode of our masterminds.

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