The New Podcast by Open Innovation City

In the “Vordenker” podcast (masterminds podcast), host Kevin Pamann talks to pioneers who deal with innovation culture, progress and the future. The podcast is released regularly every fortnight. In episode 1 he talks to thought leader Fränzi Kühne.

In the podcast "Vordenker” by Open Innovation City", host Kevin Pamann discusses every fortnight with exciting pioneers about trends and innovations that strongly influence our lives or will influence them in the future.

Episode 1 starts with thought leader Fränzi Kühne (founder of TLGG and multi-supervisory board member), with whom we talked about digitalisation, the development of social media and gender equality, among other things. In the podcast, Fränzi also reveals who she is counting on as the next Chancellor. Teaser: This candidate has not yet appeared in any speculation for the upcoming federal election. The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts and Spotify, among others. We are happy about every subscription, rating and every listener to whom we can bring the topic of innovation a little closer with this podcast.

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