episode #43 with mastermind Vivien Witt

Helen Bielawa talks with Vivien Witt in episode #43 about whether the hype around Gaia-X is over (or not), what it means to build a federated data system in Europe, and why all of this can be a great opportunity for marine life, hospital patients, and open innovation.

The Gaia-X hype is over? No way! Our current thought leader is Vivien Witt and she is responsible for the dissemination of the Gaia-X technology being developed at eco, the German Internet Industry Association. In the podcast, she explains what's behind the buzzwords surrounding Gaia-X: What does the Gaia-X Association do, what are Gaia-X Hubs, what is the status of the German pilot projects and what does it mean that the system is being federated? In an interview with Helen Bielawa, VIvien Witt makes clear why Gaia-X can be a great opportunity for open innovation: Companies and other stakeholders can share data through a secure infrastructure with rules they set themselves. Spoiler: In the podcast, you'll also learn why this could also save the oceans and improve our healthcare system!

Vivien Witt is Project Manager Cloud Services and Gaia-X at eco, the German Internet Industry Association.

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