Visit to the innovation partner city of Linz

Linz has long been a role model for open innovation. Open Innovation City Bielefeld traveled to the 2nd City Partner Day, which took place at the same time as the largest festival of digital art, the ars electronica Festival. Together with many designers and cornerstones of the open innovation ecosystem, we engaged in a direct exchange on site.

With Mayor Klaus Luger as the city's first innovator, a lot has been achieved in recent years and an active and networked innovation ecosystem has been created. With the LIT Open Innovation Center, the innovation hub of the city of Linz and the Tabakfabrik, we have been able to visit the urban, economic and scientific focus locations here.

We were able to use the exchange with the players from Linz, the delegation from our other innovation partner region Tampere, Finland, representatives from Augsburg and the CityLAB Berlin for new ideas and solutions as well as for the further visibility of Bielefeld and the OWL region.

  • How are other innovative cities tackling the most pressing challenges of our time?
  • How do we activate more people to actively participate in innovative processes?
  • How do we create an attractive environment for innovative industry partners?
  • What influence does the creative industry have on a region's innovative spirit?

These and many other questions were addressed by innovative future shapers from all over Europe, and many thanks to Kathrin Obernhumer, our local ambassador, for the inspiring and varied tour through the innovation city of Linz.

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