Mastermind-Podcast Episode #41 with Dr. Michael Rothgang

In the new episode, Helen Bielawa talks to Michael Rothgang. He conducts research at the Essen-based RWI Leibniz Institute for Economic Research on the evaluation of technology programs, the transfer of knowledge from science to business, and the impact mechanisms of cluster policy. Michael Rothgang is also project manager for the NRW Innovation Report, an annual stocktaking of innovation activity in NRW.

Measuring innovation is a complex matter. The bottom line, according to Rothgang, is that innovation support is "a long cascade in which every single element matters." Helen Bielawa and Michael Rothgang discuss some of these elements in this episode, for example the role of university spin-offs and how they could be strengthened. And, of course, they also address some of the special features of OWL compared to NRW!

"NRW is average compared to the other German states, with some strengths but also weaknesses," says Rothgang. Which strengths and weaknesses these are and how we can improve, Michael Rothgang explains in an interview with Helen Bielawa.

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