Nursing shortage - How can employers, politics and digital solutions counteract?

We have a problem: our healthcare system is overburdened! But how do we get out of this care crisis? How can employers, politicians and digital solutions counteract it? This is exactly what we discussed with our guests Ricardo Lange, Petra Krause and Uwe Borchers at the HealthTech Meetup OWL!

"Nursing must become more self-confident." With these words, intensive care nurse Ricardo Lange appealed for more confidence in his work environment. Lange was a guest at HealthTech Meetup OWL #4 on the topic "Nursing crisis - How can employers, politics and digital solutions counteract it?" at the Founders Foundation. There he made it clear: "Digitalization can certainly help us. At the moment, however, it's just costing us time because it's a very bureaucratic matter in everyday life." Together with Petra Krause (Director of Nursing at Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel gGmBH and Krankenhaus Mara) and Uwe Borchers (Managing Director of ZIG -Zentrum für Innovation in der Gesundheitswirtschaft Ostwestfalen-Lippe), Lange discussed the nursing shortage in Germany and how we can counteract it.Everyone agreed that digitization can relieve the burden on skilled workers! However, it must be used correctly and, above all, at an early stage in teaching! In the end, it is not the technology that is decisive, Uwe Borchers is sure: "The core of those interested have a desire to deal with people. And this must be made as simple as possible." The evening was moderated by Nils Bußmann, who with his startup helps caregivers develop their careers and work out their potential. Together with inngo, Mitta and Open Innovation City, the HealthTech Meetup was created. Would you like to join the discussion next time and get to know the network better? Then find out about the upcoming Meetups here:

By the way, you can watch the talk with Ricardo Lange here:

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