Mastermind-Podcast Episode #42 with Prof. Sascha Friesike

Helen Bielawa talks to Prof. Sascha Friesike about dgital transformations in companies, administrations or cities. He is professor for design of digital innovations at the Berlin University of the Arts, director of the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society and co-author of "Inert Transformation".

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Digital transformation can actively driven forward in companies, administrations or cities forward. Prof. Friesike does not believe that modern methods such as design sprints and hackathons are enough. Together with Helen Bielawa, he classifies these methods and provides tips. The two also discuss one or the other Open Innovation City format.

In his research, he also looks at the role that digital plays when something new is created. For example, he examines the role of digitization in science and looks at how creative people work.

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