Mastermind-Podcast Episode #40 with Nicole Ebber

In the first episode of the new year, Helen Bielawa talks to Nicole Ebber. She is a strategy expert for Wikimedia Deutschland and has developed a vision for the year 2030 that the non-profit association should follow. The primary goal is always free access to free knowledge.

Anchoring openness organizationally is complex. Nicole Ebber is an expert in this field, having led an international open strategy process at Wikimedia - a rather unique project. The goal was to develop a vision of where Wikimedia should be in 2030. It was about how marginalized knowledge becomes more present, how the community needs to change organizationally, and how free knowledge can be strengthened worldwide. Methodologically, it was especially challenging to involve people with different languages, from different continents, and from different backgrounds. There could not be too many guidelines, but also not too few. Nicole Ebber reveals how she managed this balancing act and what she would do differently next time in an interview with Helen Bielawa.

In addition to the methodological insights, you will also learn how Nicole sees the role of free knowledge in relation to open innovation, why she considers Wikipedia to be one of the greatest innovations of the last 20 years, and what exactly Wikimedia's mission is.


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