How can crowdsourcing help develop and test new business models?

We explored this question at Talking about Innovation together with Dr. Stephanie Rabbe (Miele & Cie.) and Niclas Kröger (HYVE - the innovation company)! Both gave very interesting insights into their different working worlds, in which they nevertheless pursue the same goal: The use of swarm intelligence to generate, test or develop new business models.

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Crowdsourcing is also always associated with the goal of increasing the speed of development processes and the quality of products and innovations, as well as trying to reduce costs during these processes. However, using the crowd is not just about collecting lots of ideas. It's also about constant exchange: "Every larger company should build a community in order to constantly test and try out new ideas," says Niclas, who works with Hyve to support other companies in developing innovations and can draw on a large network of volunteers. Stephanie's target group is different, but the approach is identical. As the person responsible for Miele Pioneers Camp, Miele's startup, human resources and business development program, she targets some 22,000 employees worldwide. "We want to inspire creative people from within the workforce and motivate them to innovate." Diversity always plays a crucial role in this, he said. The more diverse the crowd, the better the result! Photos: Benjamin Janzen The whole talk can be rewatched here (german):

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