#015 Mastermind-Podcast with Katharina Jünger

Huge innovation potential meets regulated markets - that's the situation in the healthcare industry. We talk about it with Katharina Jünger.

In this episode of our podcast, thought leader Katharina Jünger is our guest. She is CEO of the telemedicine app TeleClinic and describes in the podcast what concrete innovations there are to expect in the healthcare sector in the next few years, what she would like to see from the next Minister of Health and why Europe should have an interest in establishing strong companies in healthcare, because the market is also extremely interesting for large tech companies like Google or Amazon.

In addition, Katharina answers the question of the mastermind from the previous episode Dr. Teo Pham ("How is the future of work changing?") and describes her perspective on why Germany (actually) has excellent conditions to have a strong startup culture. Plus: She explains how the sale of TeleClinic to the Zur Rose Group came about.

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