Talking About Innovation: Die future is green!

How can we translate the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goals into real-world use cases at the city level? We'll discuss this and much more with Rebecca Freitag at Founders Foundation on March 22!


Founders Foundation
Obernstra├če 50
33602 Bielefeld


Start date 22.03.2022 - 16:00
End date 22.03.2022 - 17:30

On March 22, we welcome sustainability expert Rebecca Freitag to talk about "The future is green - think global, act local!" in Bielefeld.

"Sustainability is not a trend, but the only way forward." These are the words of Rebecca Freitag, with which she makes clear: Sustainable action concerns us all! And only together will we shape the upcoming climate challenges and the transformation to a greener, more sustainable and livable future.

As a former German UN Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development, she gave young people a voice at the United Nations at an early stage and campaigned for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals | SDGs (Agenda 2030) in a wide range of institutions. She also co-founded the Global Impact Alliance to promote new, bold thinking and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in companies.

"The beauty of the SGDs is that anyone and everyone can get involved in local implementation. That creates acceptance and self-efficacy."

She will tell us at the live event how we can translate the ambitious goals into real-world use cases at the city level and how she wants to encourage Bielefelder:innen to join or create local communities!

Tickets are free and can be ordered at Eventbrite. On site, the 3G rule applies. Last minute changes will be announced via email and here.

No time to be there on site? The event will also be livestreamed! Tickets are available here.

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