HealthTech-MeetUp: Digitization in healthcare

On February 3, we will bring innovators together for the first time with the Meetup Healthcare, regardless of whether they are startups, institutions in the healthcare industry, agencies, sponsors and foundations, associations or committed private individuals with expertise in the healthcare industry.


Start date 03.02.2022 - 18:00
End date 03.02.2022 - 20:30

Changes in healthcare have been sought for some time. But what might these look like in real-world practice? What are the biggest challenges? And how can they be solved?

At Meetup Healthcare, we would like to address these questions and take a closer look at the key topics of digitalization and caregiver regulation. The event is organized by a team consisting of motivated founders from the Founders Foundation (curawork, mitta, inngo) and the Open Innovation City. Tobias Krick, Ralf Berning, Alicia Daut & Franziska Bruning will participate in the discussion!  

  • Tobias Krick is co-founder and CEO of Healthcare Innovations, a network that connects innovative players from the healthcare industry to make the most of the opportunities of digitalization. He is also host of the podcast "Healthcare out-of-the-box", author in various journals and books, as well as part of the BMBF-funded Cluster Future of Care and an active part of the healthcare community in various social media channels.
  • Ralf Berning is an intensive care nurse at the Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel in Bielefeld. Ralf reaches hundreds of thousands of people through his Instagram account "_schwester.gabi". He provides insights about what the situation and working conditions are like in intensive care units. As a nursing activist, he also addresses professional policy issues in his posts, such as the need for a chamber of nursing professions.
  • Alicia Daut and Franziska Bruning both work at the Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel in Bielefeld and bring their expertise in practical digitization projects to the discussion. Alicia Daut has a view of digitization projects due to her work in project management at EvKB and Mara Hospital, and Franziska Bruning as a management consultant - primarily in the area of strategy development. In particular, digitization projects both in the hospital and in the education sector are their main focus.

The aim of the Meetup:

  • Strengthen the regional network around Health and HealthTech;
  • create a culture of innovation;
  • enable collegial exchange;
  • build a community!

The event will take place digitally via Meetup. Click here to register.

Photo by Tobias Krick: Tobis Kramer



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