Green City Meetup OWL

Are green cities the cities of the future? We would like to discuss this on February 17, 2022! We invite innovators, institutions, foundations, city representatives, associations, committed individuals and interested parties to the Green City Meetup OWL! The event will take place online.
Green City Meetup OWL


Open Innovation City


Alter Markt 13
33602 Bielefeld


Start date 17.02.2022 - 16:30
End date 17.02.2022 - 18:00

Are green cities the cities of the future? It is impossible to predict exactly, but greener cities would certainly contribute to improved living conditions for their residents and lead to greater well-being for people through more nature in the inner cities with urban gardens or green retreats. But green spaces are not the only important factors for a green city. The reduction of particulate pollution, decentralized energy generation (and storage!) or circular economy through reuse and recycling of raw materials or products are also part of a greener city.

This is what we want to talk to you about! With the Green City MeetUp OWL we want to bring together all those who are interested in more sustainability in Bielefeld and who bring commitment - be it companies, institutions, associations, citizens' initiatives, cultural institutions or representatives of the city - to make Bielefeld greener!

With the MeetUp we want to

  • connect people with the same mindset;
  • strengthen the green innovation culture in the region;
  • enable inspiration and participation

and most importantly, build a community that is made up of diverse urban social groups!

Are you interested? Then contact Wiebke Kersten at wiebke.kersten(at)

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